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#88 Mural of Latin America at the Universidad de Concepción

A gift of the Mexican government in the 1960s, the famous artist Jorge González Camarena created this remarkable mural recounting the unity between Latin American peoples and cultures across the long history of the continent.
Join curator María Pavéz Carvajal as she explains the meaning behind the work of art and the many creative murals that have been created in Concepción.

#16 Solar Car Race in the Atacama Desert

In the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, ​​an unconventional car race has been created: all of its contestants are propelled only by solar energy. Being the driest place in the world and thanks to the Atacama’s 320 days of radient sunshine a year, it was ideal for the first competition of its kind in Latin America.

Unlike other solar races, the Atacama Solar Challenge has many slopes, making vehicle movement more challenging.

#46 Beavers in Tierra del Fuego

In 1946, fifty beavers were taken to Tierra del Fuego, the extreme southern edges of South America, in order to develop a fur industry. Unfortunately today they have become a plague; the population of these semi-aquatic rodents originating in North America has extended across the whole island. They fell the beech forests and construct dams that transform the ecosystem of the area.

#78 Skyscrapers

The Costanera Center has become an unmistakable icon in the capital’s skyline. Standing at 300 meters, it is the tallest building in South America! Go inside and discover the science, and magic, behind its monumental construction in the latest from LivingAtlasChile.

#48 The Llaima Volcano Geopark in Southern Chile

National Park Conguillío is located the Araucanía Region of southern Chile. Native flora and fauna are contained within its boarders and 200 million years of geological history can be traced within its Volcán Llaima, one of South America’s most active volcanoes.