Living Atlas Chile: Short films, profound stories.

An atlas is a synthesis of physical, social and economic realities of a country, where all kinds of geographic information is united (…) However, its much more than this: an atlas is a compendium of knowledge about a territory, about the changes human activity has produced within it, and about the relation between intelligence, will and nature. (…) It is, definitively, a mirror of the country.



An “atlas” traditionally consists of a tome containing a broad range of geographic information, a compendium of the physical, social and economic conditions of a country. Yet, an atlas is ever so much more than that: the compilation reflects not only facts about a given territory, but also the impact of human activity within it and the relationships between people, human will and nature. In that sense, “atlas” and “mirror” are synonyms.

The Atlas Vivo project stems from the conviction that the people of Chile are what make it so special and that showcasing the country’s people is the best way to share its wonders with the world. Each story tells the tale of a Chilean man or woman, from a boy attempting to carve the waves on a beach in Arica to an expert pilot in the wilds of Patagonia; from a lonely community radio broadcaster in a small desert village in the north to a television station run by children on the southern island of Chiloé.

The project consists of 125 videos, filmed across the country, each lasting some three minutes. The tapes are candid, with no special effects, background music or voice overs. Each seeks to provide a unique window into Chile, to reflect the sensations, environments, voices and details that give rise to our collective identity and to share those features with the international community.

What do you do? How do you do it? These two questions trigger the conversations recorded in each of the films found here.

Come, enjoy the answers…


General Project Coordination

Área Digital y Audiovisual, Fundación Imagen de Chile

Film Production

Productora Aplaplac


Álvaro Díaz

Directors Assistant

Francisco Schultz


Francisco Schultz, Rodrigo Toro, Diego Lazo, Álvaro Díaz


Erick del Valle


Julia Bande

Production Journalist

Lorena Penjean

Post-Production Sound

Cristián Mascaró

General Producer

Karla Estrada

Design and Development

La Fábrica Imaginaria